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Kitsune senbei(Fox-shaped rice crackers)

Kitsune senbei(Fox-shaped rice crackers)
The rice crackers in the shape of a fox face became familiar as the messengers of the god of harvests Inari. Their particular face expression has a specific charm. One can taste the atmosphere of a shrine visit for praying.
On the 12 of February is the big festival Hatsu-uma "First Horse Day" held at the shrine Fushimi Inari Taisha - the center of all Inari shrines in Japan. The shrine visit on this day is called Fukumairi and people from all over Japan gather here to pray for business success and family safety, searching for the lucky omen called Shirushi-no-sugi or the marked cedar. All the souvenir shops around the shrine access path are vivid and crowded. They sell grilled sparrows, small torii gates, Fushimi dolls and many other various gifts. The fox-shaped rice crackers Kitsune senbei are remarkably striking. Inari senbei crackers are made of wheat flour, sugar, egg and sesame, mixed with Kyoto style white soybean paste 'shiro-miso' and put into fox-shaped mold for roasting. The light sweetness of the white soybean paste blends wonderfully with the sesame fragrancy. Except Kitsune senbei crackers there are also other crackers, related to this festival like Otafuku " Happiness" crackers, Omikuji "fortune slip"crackers, etc.

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