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Momiji-fu(Breadlike food of Maple Leaves)

Momiji-fu(Breadlike food of Maple Leaves)
'Momiji-fu', decorated by the famous autumn attributes is cheering up the season.
'Fu' is a breadlike food made with wheat gluten, remaining after the removal of the starch from the mixture of wheat with water. After the addition of rice cake flour it becomes 'Nama-fu' (a raw fu). When it is added a wheat flour and it is roasted it becomes 'Yaki-fu' (a roasted fu). The deep taste of 'Nama-fu' with its elasticity, hardness to chew and lightness, together with 'Yuba' (dried bean curd) and 'Tofu' (soy bean curd), was always appreciated as an important part of the taste of Kyoto style cuisine or vegetarian food. Moreover a variety of 'fu' tastes can be enjoyed according to the seasons: 'Awa-fu' if a foxtail millet (awa) is added, 'Yomogi-fu' if a mugwort is added, etc. In autumn food red is added into 'Momiji-fu' that imitates the shape of maple leaves and it is a gorgeous decoration of the dining table in Kyoto.

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