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Hosei bridge inside Shinsen-en garden

Hosei bridge inside Shinsen-en garden
An elegant drum-shaped bridge in crimson color leads to the island shrine dedicated to Zennyo-ryuo (Buddhist nun -Dragon King).
Shinsen-en is the remnant of the garden constructed at the southern part of the Imperial Palace during the establishment of Heian-kyo capital and it was named after its always springing pure water. At the time of Heian-kyo its pond was used for cherry blossom viewing, cool breeze enjoyment and boat entertainment, moreover according to the transmitted legends Kobo Daishi (Kukai) held a rain praying ceremony there. At that time the island inside the pond was dedicated to the worship of Zennyo-ryuo (Buddhist nun -Dragon King), descending from the rain. The bridge leading to this island is called Hosei bridge. It is so remarkable how its elegant curved line in a fascinating color forms a wavering circle with its reflection over the pond surface.

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