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Suirokaku Aqueduct

Suirokaku Aqueduct
In the greenery enclosed waterway of Suirokaku aqueduct 2 tones of water run every second.
There is a vaulted bridge made of bricks partly covered by moss inside the precincts of Nanzenji temple. This aqueduct has a somber tone character, a bit more than a century old and it is a branch of the canal, carrying water from the Lake Biwa. It was built in Meiji 21 (1889) and at that time there were some reactions or oppositions, finding its style incompatible with the temple buildings. However, as the value of the excellent works is raising with the passage of time, so the aqueduct became an antique, its color calms down the eye and now it is blending wonderfully with the surrounding landscape. Since ancient times Kyoto tackled very skillfully various cultures and it is quite good at changing the character of the things to be called 'typical Kyoto style'.

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