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Kakutou (The Eaves' Lantern)

Kakutou (The Eaves' Lantern)
This is the angular lantern of an eel's food restaurant in Gion. It stands on the background of Bengara-goshi (the red-ocher rouge lattice) and Ichimonji-gawara (straight roof tiles) as the accent of the eaves edge to invite the customers.
The lamp, standing lonely at the street front eaves of the merchant house with senbon-goshi type of lattice and mushiko type of windows, demonstrates a little strange or unusual taste. This type of eaves' lantern originally appeared as a gas lamp in Meiji-Taisho period, but of course nowadays there is a light bulb inside it. At that time the decoration artisans came across various shapes, imitating garden lanterns or paper covered lamps in a more Western style manner. There is a certain mismatch, but at the same time certain elegance and it is a true mystery how the lamp can harmonize with the machiya taste. Meiji is drifting far away and now this lamp has melted with the machiya design, fitting it in a nicely manner.

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