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Treasure Ship

Treasure Ship
The body of the ship is knit by weeds(michi-kusa), its bows by rice plants ears for mochi rice cakes and it is decorated with pine or bamboo, both of which represent lucky omens.
The Treasure ships, which are dedicated to Kamigamo Shrine, originated in the ideas of the mountains wizards in ancient China as symbols of the ideal world of longevity and life prolongation. Made and decorated with foods and other things, they represent Horai-san or The Isle of Eternal Youth. Originally the Treasure ship was full of straw bags with rice and various treasures and carried all the seven gods of fortune. In Edo period became very popular to sleep with a picture of the treasure ship under the pillow during New Year in order to have a nice first dream as a lucky omen for the New Year. Passing beyond the second millenium how was your first dream?

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