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Kitayama cedars

Kitayama cedars
The beauty of Kitayama cedars, used as pillars in the tokonoma of tea rooms and sukiya style interiors is artificially born.
The novel 'The Old Capital' by Yasunari Kawabata is a story of twin sisters, whose relationship is represented on the background of the artificial beauty of the Kitayama cedars. In this novel the Kitayama cedars covered by snow are compared to winter flowers, which although being quiet and sober, at the same time they suggest certain hidden gorgeous beauty. Kitayama cedars are carefully cultivated during a long time, including various processes: selection of the young plants, cut off the unnecessary branches and arrange their shapes and polishing their circular shape during the coldest season. The trunks with an ordered thickness should grow up straight up to the sky, therefore branches and leaves remain only at the top of the trees. Vertically rising within the forest, their man-made beauty looks extremely attractive.

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