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Daikoku-san (The God of Wealth)

Daikoku-san (The God of Wealth)
Daikokuten is one of the seven deities of good fortune. He holds a wish-granting mallet and sits over straw rice bags. Originally it is said that he was the god of battle.
The Sankomon Gate of Kitano Tenjin Shrine is remarkably striking the eye with the luxury of its Momoyama artistic style. At its opposite site there is a stone lantern and some figure is carved over its base. Focusing on it, we can see the lucky face of Daikokuten or the God of Wealth and it seems that he carries the whole stone lantern on his back. It is said that this Daikoku-san has a unique divine power. If someone inserts a small stone in his mouth and then puts this stone in his wallet, he will be never short of pocket money. I tried to insert a small stone in the God's mouth, however the stone always fell down quickly and I couldn't succeed. By the way, it is said that in Edo period this lantern was dedicated to the shrine by the pawnshop 'Daikokuya' and probably its deep relation to the money was the reason for the existence of such a special divine favor.

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