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Kame-no-mizu (Turtle Water)

Kame-no-mizu (Turtle Water)
The turtle is a symbol of long life. So its water should be good for the body and that's why the people who come to scoop up its water never end.
A clear water flows down from the mouth of the groveling turtle. This is the well-known Turtle water (the Turtle well). Matsuo Grand Shrine is famous as the place for worship of the sake deities (kami) and the reason for that is this Turtle water. At the back of Matsuo Grand Shrine there is a spring water, coming from Matsuoyama hill, and according to the beliefs of the sake brewers from the Middle Ages, if a water from this spring is mixed with the fermented liquid during the sake making process, the sake can never be spoiled. Even nowadays the sake makers dedicate various brands of sake casks to the temple, arranged in the temple precincts, and in April and November are held festivals related to the sake production. The turtle lives a thousand years and it is a symbol of longevity. Therefore the sake made with the Turtle water might be the king of all medicines.

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