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Kamo-nasu (Kamo Eggplant)

Kamo-nasu (Kamo Eggplant)
The ceramic bell in the shape of Kamo eggplant from Shimogamo Shrine is popular as a lucky omen for its elegant design and well-rounded shape.
Freshness gives life to the vegetables. Far from the sea, with difficulties to get a fresh fish, the citizens of Kyoto established the vegetables as their main food ingredients. Kyoto is blessed with a fertile soil and rich underground water, enabling the growth of various types of Kyoto vegetables and they became familiar as ingredients for vegetarian or kaiseki meals. Kamo eggplant is a Kyoto vegetable, grown in Kamo area and its typical feature is the fat and short round shape that can sit up abruptly. Its tight pulp has a rich taste and the flavour of the fried eggplant with miso or a bean curd, baked and coated with miso, is particulary delicious. The ceramic bell, which is the lucky omen of Shimogamo Shrine, reproduces faithfully the shape of the Kamo eggplant and a scene from Aoi Festival is painted over its surface. Its round shape and large size really invoke a feeling of typical Kyoto style.

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