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Gyoja-bashi (Gyoja-bashi bridge)

Gyoja-bashi (Gyoja-bashi bridge)
Gyojabashi bridge over Shirakawa river blends in harmony with the surrounding scenery and the willows add even more refined taste to it.
The spring of Shirakawa starts in Hieizan mountain, later in Okazaki it merges with a canal and runs to the south through Chionin to the houses of Gion.Shirakawa sand is accumulated at the bottom of the river and it is shining in white under the sun, therefore the river was named Shirakawa or White river Near Chionin two casual granite stones are arranged to form a small bridge,enough for one person to pass. This bridge is called Gyojabashi,because it is said that this is the bridge which the monks of Hieizan cross during their 1000 days religious practice. The simplicity of its structure and colors create a feeling of charm and refined taste which harmonize with the surrounding scenery. In the middle part of the bridge there is a carved zone in the stone, because every one who crosses the bridge, walks along it scentral line, therefore this changed stone surface shares with us a silent fairy tale about the long history of the bridge and the number of unknown people who had crossed it.

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