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Kamogawa-Chidori (Kamogawa plovers)

Kamogawa-Chidori (Kamogawa plovers)
When it comes the time for Kamogawa odori dances, all the houses of Ponto-cho are decorated with lanterns, depicting Kamogawa plovers.
Along the small charming street of Ponto-cho one can enjoy the sight of walking geisha or maiko girls and the 'Kamogawa plover' lanterns make the street even more lively. The end of Kyoto spring is marked by Kamogawa odori dances. The name of Ponto-cho is a little difficult for reading,however it is the narrow belt enclosed between Kamogawa river and Kiyamachi street. It is said that the name ponto comes from Portuguese and it means point or forefront. The symbol mark of Ponto-cho is the 'Kamogawa plover' whosede sign was based on the image of the plovers, gathering and playing along the riverside. To have birds playing along the river forever and to have a beautiful Kamogawa forever is the wish not only of the drunk men,walking in a plovers-like way in Ponto-cho, but also to many Kyoto people.

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