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Heian-jingu Shrine

Heian-jingu Shrine
Blue Dragon Gate and White Tiger Gate, east and west of the Great Hall of State the importance of colours goes beyond aesthetic appeal.
Built to five-eighths of the original size, Heian-jingu in Okazaki is a reproduction of the administration offices in the imperial palace of Heian-kyo (now Kyoto), 1200 years ago. The bright vermilion of the Otemon (Main Gate) and the Daikokuden (Great Hall of State), the deep blue-green of the roof tiles, the gold of raptorial tails adorning the main roof ridges, the white gravel . . . colours in Heian-jingu are deeper than surface splendour. Heian-kyo is believed to have been constructed on an ancient scientific principle, called fusui. Here, meticulous attention was paid to warding off evil or misfortune through careful consideration of colours in certain directions, 'good and bad' directions, topography and so on.
Over the coming seasons, Heian-jingu will present a veritable palette of beautiful colours, from pinkish hanging cherry blossoms west of the White Tiger Gate, to wisterias, irises and water lilies.

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