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Flowers, butterflies, field horsetail - a colourful depiction of spring adorns the Doll Festival.
The Doll Festival is a festival for girls, celebrated on the third day of March. It developed from an ancient ritual in which impurities were transferred onto paper dolls that were then cast into a river or sea, and from outdoor play by young girls. Hina means 'adorable,' and the entire doll display is indeed an adorable miniature display of a feast. The Emperor and Empress dolls are in the Imperial Palace at top of the display.Attendants, musicians, furniture, trays of delicacies, and other ornaments decorate the lower tiers.99.3.2 Hinagashi are confectioneries traditionally associated with the Doll Festival. Three-coloured, diamond-shaped rice cakes are complemented by baskets of dry candies made out of rice flour and sugar. These are shaped as shells, flower petals, field horsetail, butterflies and other symbols of spring. The delicate hinagashi touch a chord in the hearts of women just as much as children.

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