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Conical mounds of gravel point towards the heavens at Kamigamo-jinja Shrine.
An air of quiet pervades the grounds of Kamigamo-jinja Shrine,where white gravel sets a dazzling contrast to vermilion buildings. Two conical mounds of gravel stand before the shrine sanctuary - their form perhaps evoking fond memories of geometry studies in school. These tatezuna (standing sands) represent the sacred mountain Kami-yama, which rises behind the shrine. Legend has it that the shrine deity descended from the heavens to reside on Kami-yama.
Spreading the gravel in the unlucky northeast corner of one's property is said to purify the area. Look closely, and you will see a leaf inserted into the tip of each cone. The tatezuna,with their crisp, clear lines, are the geometric equivalent of purity.

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