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The metal fittings adorning the doors of the gateway lend a feeling of strength and beauty to it, central to which are the round embossments placed in the middle of each door. These sturdy doors with their solid fittings seem to utter one single sentence to the would-be trespasser - ' You shall not pass'. Nijo Castle is emblematic of Kyoto in that it possesses a refined elegance in its architecture. At the same time Nijo Castle also possesses its own unique character in that, being after all a military fortification, it has an imposing system of stone walls for repelling attack as well as the forbidding central gatehouse mentioned above. That these fortifications, made in response to the harsh reality of a bygone age, do not strike a discordant note in the overall scheme is a tribute to the consummate artistry with which cold iron and warm wood are joined in harmony to drown out the voice of war, in its place giving birth to a softer, more feminine air.

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