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About 1,000 ema (votive tablets) decorate the outside of the hall.
Incense wafts through the air on the path to Shakuzo-ji Temple, in the Nishijin district. A large set of pliers stands in the incense burner, and the outside wall of the hall is covered in peculiar boards. A closer look reveals that each has two nails and a set of metal pliers attached to it. Add to that, characters written in Indian ink. These are the kuginuki-no-ema (nail-removing votive tablets) of Shakuzo-ji Temple. Each is a petition for good health, recovery from illness, or other divine assistance. Pliers are used to remove nails. Our nails are our sufferings and problems, the pliers are divine help. A simple, yet powerful combination.
Shakuzo-ji Temple: Hanakuruma-cho, Senbon Street, north of Kamidachiuri Street, Kamigyo Ward.

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