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Heso-ishi - marking the centre of the old city.
Choho-ji Temple, said to have been founded by Prince Shotoku Taishi, is located on Rokkaku Street, in Nakagyo Ward. The main hall is hexagonal, and was therefore named Rokkaku-do (the hall with 6 corners). Heso-ishi can be seen before the main hall. This is a hexagonal rock, about 45 cm in diameter, with a small hole in its centre. In 794, Kyoto became the seat of power in Japan. As the city developed thereafter, it became necessary to move Choho-ji Temple to make way for a road. In the space of one night the main hall shifted north, leaving only the foundation stone in the middle of the road. As this area was the geographical centre of the city in olden times, the rock eventually came to be called Heso-ishi (Navel Rock). Rokkaku-do (Choho-ji Temple): Rokkaku Street, east of Karasuma Street, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City

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