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Wooden molds used to create confectionery of artistic design.
The charms of the seasons are condensed into kyo-gashi (Kyoto-style confectionery). One type of kyo-gashi uses wooden molds to create confectionery in the stylised likeness of scenery, flowers, birds or a variety of other artistic designs and shapes. Hi-gashi, a dry candy made with molds, was first produced during the Edo Period. The molds are made from dried wood of the cherry tree, selected because it is hard and does not warp easily. Making the molds is an exercise in reflective thinking and hand skills, as the artist considers what the confectionery should look like, and carves a mirror image into the wood. Ingredients of various colours are pressed into the molds, the molds are turned over and struck on the back, giving birth to hi-gashi. The ideas and skills carved into the molds fulfill their ultimate destiny at the hands of confectionery makers.

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