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Kyoto City Proclamation to Stop Global Warming

Kyoto hosted the 3rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP3) in December 1997.
On the 11th December 1997 the Kyoto Protocol was adopted, which entered into force on 16th February 2005.

Do You Kyoto?
Do You Kyoto? A Message to the World from Kyoto,
Host City for the 3rd Conference of the Parties to
the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Around the world, regions are being hit by drought and water shortages, inundated with concentrated heavy rains and flooding, and glaciers in places like the Himalayas and Alaska are shrinking. These problems are being caused by global warming. If global warming continues unchecked, the sea level will rise, and the coastlines of small island nations will begin to shrink. The increase in abnormal climatic conditions around the world is also having a great impact on food production and the habitats of wildlife.
Kyoto, as the city where the Kyoto Protocol was created as a promise to work to prevent global warming around the world, is dedicated to supporting efforts to stop global warming. In 2001, we asked people to submit their opinions and ideas about what we can start doing as individuals to decrease the development of carbon dioxide and other substances that are causing global warming. These ideas were discussed at city meetings in December 2002, and on February 22, 2003, the "Kyoto City Proclamation to Stop Global Warming" was adopted at the general assembly of the "Sutoppu-za-Ondanka Kyoto Shimin Kaigi", Kyoto Meeting on Stopping Global Warming. This proclamation defines the direction that will be taken by future efforts of the city to prevent global warming.

Kyoto City Proclamation to Stop Global Warming

- A Message to the World about Preventing Global Warming, from the People of Kyoto City -

Working to Make Kyoto a City for the Environment

Today, the world is on the verge of crisis. We humans have gone too far in our pursuit of abundance, convenience, and comfort, and as a result, have brought about global warming and have greatly damaged Mother Earth, our planet which has borne and fostered a huge diversity of life. Left unchecked, human activity could bring about disastrous results. It is both the responsibility and the duty of those of us living today to leave the children of the future a global environment rich in blessings. It is not too late. Let us get underway with our efforts to stop global warming.

Get started today. Harmonious coexistence between our valuable natural environment and humankind, our cities, our lives.

  Knowing, Learning, Telling
Environment-related efforts begin with knowing and learning. We need to foster in people a sense of thinking and acting on a global scale. For this, we need to create homes and schools that are friendly to the environment, and to create a circle of activity that extends from parent to child, from child to parent, and beyond into the communities and regions.

  Living Together, Loving Nature, Protecting Natural Water Systems and Greenery
Water is the source of life. Forests are the foundation for the cycle of nature, places that foster and protect water and living organisms. Trees clean our air. With a love for nature and an affection for living things, we strive to protect our rivers and mountains, foster these gifts of nature, and treasure these blessings. Let us also work to increase the nature and greenery around us.

  Finding Ways to Reduce Waste and Conserve Energy in Our Daily Lives.
Fighting global warming starts close to home - with the problem of household waste. Making things, using things, and disposing of things as waste, all consume large amounts of energy. If each of us just makes small changes, working together, we can make a huge difference. We shall try to find even the little things we can do for the environment in our daily lives, strive to be thrifty, renew our awareness of the importance of both goods and energy, and work to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

  Utilizing Natural Forms of Energy
We are indeed thankful for the blessings of nature. We shall work to make more efficient use of natural forms of energy, including sunlight, water, wind, and wood, and to reduce the use of fossil fuels like oil and coal.

  Creating an Enjoyable Place for Everyone to Live through Transportation That Is Friendly to Humankind and the Environment
The overuse of automobiles is a major cause of global warming. We aim to create safe, reliable, environment-friendly systems of transportation, and to create a city that can be enjoyable for everyone to live in, a city that encourages people to support environment-friendly transportation, to reduce the use of private automobiles, and a city that provides safe, enjoyable areas for walking and riding bicycles.

  Environment-Friendly Purchases
Businesses and industries also have a huge impact on global warming. As consumers, we shall support the environment-related efforts of businesses and industries by choosing low-energy products and products designed to last a long time, endeavoring to make environment-friendly purchases.

  Valuing a Sense of Hospitality toward Humankind and the Environment
Kyoto is visited by countless tourists. As the heartland of Japan, Kyoto values its sense of hospitality, and works to create tourism opportunities that incorporate environment-related activities.

  It Starts with You, and Spreads to the Community
We shall start by doing what is possible by us as individuals. But it is difficult to carry on such efforts by oneself, we need to get others involved. Kyoto values the ties between its communities and its people, respects individuality and diversity, honors the idea of learning from one another, and works to utilize the qualities each person and community have to offer.

The People, Businesses, and Government - Cooperating, Working Together
No matter how much effort individuals make, if there are no concrete structures for preventing global warming, individual efforts will stay at the individual level. Of course, if such a structure exists, it cannot function without the cooperation of everyone. Businesses and Government administrations are also "citizens" of Kyoto. The people of Kyoto, its businesses, and its Government administrations must work to understand the ideas and standpoints of each other, thinking together and supporting each other in efforts to promote global warming countermeasures.

The Future of the Earth Depends on What We Do Today

The people of the world are working to prevent global warming. The Kyoto Protocol was adopted as a worldwide promise to make the prevention of global warming a reality.
The Kyoto Protocol was created here, in our city of Kyoto. The name "Kyoto" will become even more deeply ingrained in the hearts of people around the world as they depart on their journey to achieving the prevention of global warming. As such, the world may look to Kyoto City and its people as an example. It is with self-awareness and pride that we, as residents of Kyoto City, and as residents of the world, work to carefully observe and foster the ideas set forth in this Protocol.
The principal role in these efforts is taken by you, by each individual - our actions are the first step to realizing the prevention of global warming.

February 22, 2003
"Sutoppu-za-Ondanka Kyoto Shimin Kaigi"
-Kyoto Meeting on Stopping Global Warming-

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