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The Master Plan of Kyoto City

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Table of Contents



  Chapter 1 - Peaceful Life

Section 1
[ A town where all people can lead an active life]

1)  Everyone must be fully respected as an individual
2)  All people should have equal opportunities to lead an active life
3)  Children should be raised to be broad-minded, socially conscious and independent

Section 2
[ A town that supports all and is supported by all]
1)  People must support each other to live with peace of mind
2)  Parents should feel safe and reassured about having and raising children
3)  To live healthily in body and mind

Section 3
[ A town where anyone can live with peace of mind]

1)  To ensure sustainable development that places less burden on the environment
2)  Making daily life safe and strong against disasters
3)  To ensure safety, security and peace of mind in daily life
4)  Making Kyoto a nice place to take a walk

  Chapter 2 - Prosperous City

Section 1
[ A town full of glamour]

1)  To make Kyoto beautiful 18
2)  Bringing a mature culture to the forefront
3)  To promote exchange in and outside Japan
4)  Improving oneself throughout one’s lifetime

Section 2
[ A town full of vitality]

1)  To have an original industrial structure of an industrial city
2)  To create tourism that draws visitors
3)  The accumulation of and exchange with universities will produce new vitality
4)  Making full use of the ability to draw young people

Section 3
[ To build the infrastructure to support lifestyles and urban functions]

1)  To develop Kyoto with character and glamour
2)  Building traffic infrastructure to support the diversity of city activities
3)  Building the infrastructure to respond to a multi-media & network society

  Chapter 3 - Aiming to build relationships of deep trust with citizens

Section 1
[ To share information with citizens]

Section 2
[ To form policies that utilize the wisdom and creativity of citizens]

Section 3
[ To implement policies together with citizens]

Section 4
[ To evaluate policies with citizens and vitalize the operations of city administration]

Section 5
[ To promote urban development that draws on local characteristics]

:Plan Implementation

Unveiled 12 January 2001, revised 6 August 2001.
Policy Planning Section, Policy Promotion Office, General Planning Bureau, Kyoto City

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