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Message from Mayor

Welcome to KYOTO

Hello. I am Daisaku Kadokawa, the 26th Mayor of Kyoto.

I think Kyoto is a beautiful city which is unique in many ways. Kyoto also exists in harmony with its beautiful natural surroundings. What is more, Kyoto is home to a long tradition of municipal action, as well as creative, advanced ways of thinking. Kyoto is a wonderful city. I love Kyoto.

I am going to make it my priority to create a new Kyoto by bringing together the city's municipal, cultural and creative powers with the hope of creating “Kyoto Power”. The new Kyoto I envision will be an ideal city where children always smile, young people have great dreams for the future, and where old people can live securely and comfortably.

I promise to create a better Kyoto with innovative projects based on the key words: “speed”, “power”, and “heart.” At the same time I will carefully pay attention to what is happening in real, local society. I want to share my deep feelings and hopes with Kyoto citizens so that we can cooperate as much as possible to improve the city in all kinds of ways.

Kyoto is an important city as a model, modern city of citizen autonomy. I would like to make Kyoto as attractive and unique as possible. I hope everyone will cooperate with my vision. Thank you very much.

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