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Mayor of Kyoto, Mr. Kadokawa's Profile

Date of Birth : November 23, 1950
Favorite word : To cherish everything with heart
People he respects : Father and mother
Thing he likes to do : To communicate, observe, relate to people, to enjoy working
Family : Wife and 4 children (3 sons and 1 daughter)
Important social concepts : Hands-on policy, positive thinking, to share feelings and cooperate with others (Kyokan)

  Latest academic qualification  

  • March 1974:
    graduated from the evening course of the Faculty of Law, Ritsumeikan University


  • April 1969:
    started work in the office of the Kyoto City Board of Education

  • April 1996-March 1999:
    Division Manager of the General Affairs Division, the office of the Kyoto City Board of Education

  • April 1999-March 2001:
    Deputy Education Director, the office of the Kyoto City Board of Education

  • April 2001-December 2007:
    member of and Education Director of the Kyoto City Board of Education

  Career as a member of national government councils and other fields  

  • October 2003-present:
    section member of Central Council for Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

  • October 2006-December 2007:
    member of the “Education Reformation Council” organized by the Cabinet of Japan

  Other career experience  

  • 1993-present:
    a managing member of the 7th scout troop of Kyoto, Scout Association of Japan

  • December 2002-December 2007:
    a member of the Developing Council for 21st Century Style Education

  • May 2003-December 2007:
    Vice Chairman of the Kyoto High School and University Liaison Research Association

  • July 2005-present:
    Councillor, Ritsumeikan Education Corporation

  • March 2007-present:
    Councillor, Chushin Ikuei-kai Foundation

  • June 2007-present:
    Chairman of the Kyoto UNESCO Association

  Selected quotes from speeches and interviews  

  • “The famous folktale of the rabbit and the turtle teaches us how we should look at goals. The rabbit was thinking about the turtle but the turtle was thinking about the goal. In the same way, I always think about the goal and not the competition.”
    (part of a speech given at a press conference announcing his decision to run for mayor)

  • “In comparing people, one person can be twice as good as another or even five times as good at most. However, if a person has real incentive, he or she can be 100 times better than another person.”
    (part of speech given at the Kyoto City All Principle Meeting)

  • “We find problems in real life situations, but we can also find wisdom and solutions by clearly looking at real life situations.”
    (part of a magazine interview)

  • “We can’t change the past or the minds of others, but we can change our own mind and the future.”
    (part of a speech given for a new City Hall staff training session)

  • “It is not wise to be depressed with what you don’t have. Education will not improve unless we make up for each other’s deficiencies and act as a unified society.”
    (part of his oral delivery in the National Diet of Japan)

  • “We will make a model. We will make a pioneer school. But we will not make winners and losers.”
    (part of his oral delivery in the National Diet of Japan)

  • “Through cooperation we can change ourselves. Cooperation is a special way of working together.”
    (part of a magazine interview)

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