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This is Kyoto

The four Seasons

Heian Jingu Shrine - Spring Scenery
|| Kibune-jinja Shrine
Summer Scenery
|| Murin-ann Monastery
Autumn Scenery
|| Hounen-ji Temple
Winter Scenery

Kyoto, nestled amid rolling mountains, keenly reflects the changes of the seasons. The gaiety of Spring flowers turns to fragrant young leaves, followed by Summer, with riverside greenery providing a cool respite - changing at last to the crimson stain of Autumn colors. Recall dynastic tragedy, probe into the ambition of the brave generals of the warring states, follow in the footsteps of Edo artists, trace the events of the Restoration, savor the quaint charm of nameless thickets and narrow lanes. History and culture become one with the beauty of nature in the charm of Kyoto, where you will never tire of the changing seasons.

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