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This is Kyoto

Performing Arts

Takigi Noh by the light of burning torches at Heian Jingu shrine
|| Mibu Kyogen, Performance || Miyako Odori

Kyoto is filled with many arts, refined though history and tradition. Noh, one of the performing arts developed in the Muromachi era, communicates a subtle beauty even today, as one of Japan's ancient arts. Noh, a contrastive farce and a type of comedy performed in everyday language, gained popularity with the common people. In the Momoyama era, Senrikyu perfected the Tea Ceremony while in the protective custody of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. After this came the establishment of the Japanese art of flower arrangement. The Kyomai form of dance, with its understated movements reflecting a richness of expression, developed in the middle of the Edo era.

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