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This is Kyoto
Introduction / History / Art / Architecture / Gardens / Performing Arts / Festival / The Four Seasons / Traditional industries / Kyoto-city of Crafts / Kyoto, Ancient and Modern / Education, Culture and Sports / Environment-Friendly City / Citizen Life Style /
Kyoto's three famous festivals and the Gozan Fire Festival
Preview Kyoto (Forms & Colors of Kyoto)

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Geography of Kyoto City / City Crest / Trees and Flowers of Kyoto / Sister Cities /

Kyoto as Historical city
Historical Kyoto / Chronology of Kyoto / Firsts in Japan from Kyoto / World Heritage Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto / The League of Historical Cities /
major policies
  Smoking Ban Ordinances
  The Master Plan of Kyoto City(2011 to 2020)
  The Master Plan of Kyoto City(2001 to 2010)
  Kyoto City Landscape Policy
  Landscape of Kyoto
  Plan for the Maintenance and Improvement of Historical Scenic Beauty of Kyoto
  Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures