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Establishment of local Government-run orchestra

The First Symphony Orchestra Managed by a Municipal Government Was Founded in 1956

Reception Concert at Pontocho Kabuki Theatre
Western classical music has been very popular among people in Kyoto. Kyoto was the first municipal Government in Japan that has included the music courses in the high school education and founded a junior college of music.
In Kyoto with such backgrounds, the first symphony orchestra managed by a municipal Government, Kyoto City Symphony Orchestra (Kyokyo), was founded in 1956. On 18 June 1956, the Orchestra's first concert was given at Ponto-cho Theater, when many people who had been committed to the foundation of the Orchestra are said to have been moved to tears while listening attentively to music.
On the next day, 19 June 1956, their first regular concert was given at Maruyama Open-Air Theater. More than 4,500 music lovers came to the theater, some of whom were not admitted. Sitting on the street or climbing a tree, they stayed around the theater and listened to the music. All the newspapers of the following day extolled the concert. Thus Kyokyo took its historic first step. The Orchestra has almost doubled the number of its members from 48 to 87, and presently has Kyoto Concert Hall as its base. As it has also given concerts abroad and has been praised very highly, the Orchestra is active with the whole world as their stage.

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