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Modern elementary school built through citizen support

The First Modern Elementary School was Founded by the Support of the Citizens in 1869

Ryuchi Elementary School (1873) Kyoto Prefecture Municipal Integrated Data Store
On 21 May 1869, the first opening ceremony of the modern elementary school in Japan was held at the 27th District Elementary School of Kamigyo (the forerunner of Ryuchi Elementary School).
There were administrative districts called bangumi both in Kamigyo and Shimogyo. An elementary school was established in each district, and called bangumi shogakko or district elementary school.
This movement originated in the idea of the townspeople to establish elementary schools. Many contributions and donations enhanced their love of learning, which was exemplified by Naotaka Kumagai who sank his own assets to donate school premises. People of each district united in an effort to build a school. Then a total of 64 elementary schools were opened no less than 3 years before the national Government enacted the Educational System. Kyoto people had surely anticipated and embodied the spirit of the System.
Through the change into the New Education System after World War II, Ryuchi Elementary School has become Ryuchi Junior High School. There is a monument besides the main gate of the School, which bears "The First Elementary School In Japan." This clearly convey to us townspeople's enthusiasm for education.

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