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Chronology of Kyoto

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The Advancement of Kyoto

Year Era Description of Event
1869 Meiji 2 Opening of the first Primary School in Japan
1871 Meiji 4 Launch of Kyoto Exhibition
1872 Meiji 5 Opening of the first public girl's school in Japan, "Nyokou Ba"
1880 Meiji 13 Opening of the first public art school in Japan, Kyoto Prefecture Art School (Now Kyoto City University of Arts)
1889 Meiji 22 Establishment of the precinct(under special exemption)
Opening of the 1st City Council
1890 Meiji 23 Completion of the Lake Biwako Canal
1891 Meiji 24 Opening of the Keage Hydraulic Power Station, the first in Japan. Began the transmission of electricity.
1895 Meiji 28 The 1100th anniversary of the founding of "Heian" Capital Japan's first City Tram Service was begun in Kyoto
Erection of Heian Shrine Launch of the Domestic Industrial Exhibition
The first Festival of the Ages was held
1897 Meiji 30 Foundation of the Community Cooperative. Becomes the model community association for Japan
1898 Meiji 31 First Town Hall Built and Inauguration of the Mayor of Kyoto (The special exemptions of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka are repealed and the cities conform to the national precinct)
1903 Meiji 36 Opening of Kyoto Zoo (2nd in Japan)
1922 Taisho 11 Foundation of the National Suiheisha Competition held at Okazaki Public Hall
1927 Showa 2 Opening of Japan's first central wholesale market
1928 Showa 3 Commencement of the City Bus service
1929 Showa 4 First cabinet members elected by public ballot
1932 Showa 7 Commencement of the Trolley Bus service
1933 Showa 8 Opening of Kyoto Art Gallery (Now the City of Kyoto Art Gallery)
1950 Showa 25 Proclamation of the establishment of Kyoto as an International Culture Tourism Capital
1952 Showa 27 Publication of the Citizen's Newspaper
1956 Showa 31 Enactment of Kyoto Citizens' Charter
Establishment of the first symphony orchestra in Japan, the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra
1957 Showa 32 Declaration of City of Peace
1958 Showa 33 15thof October Anniversary of the Enactment of Autonomy Proclamation of a Friendship Agreement with France(1st Sister City)
1966 Showa 41 Enactment of a law to preserve historical sites in the city
Opening of the Kyoto International Conference Hall
1978 Showa 53 Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures Discontinuation of the City Tramcar service
1981 Showa 56 Opening of the Karasuma Subway Line
1982 Showa 57 Enactment regarding the recycling of aluminum cans in order to be the first in Japan to implement extensive recycling
1987 Showa 62 Opening of the 1st World Historical Cities Conference
1994 Heisei 6 The 1200th anniversary of the founding of "Heian" Capital
Launch of the 1st Kyoto Festival
Registration of Kyoto into the list of World Heritage Sites
1997 Heisei 9 Commencement of the Touzai Subway Line
Opening of the Forum for the Prevention of Global Warming
2003 Heisei 15 Launch of the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto

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