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Monthly consumption expenditures per family (2002 avg.)
The total of monthly consumption expenditure per household is approximately 340,000YEN, with food representing the largest single expense at 86,661YEN.
Changes in Population and Households
The population in 1950 was 1,101,854. However, this number continued to increase, reaching 1,466,321 in 2003. In 1950, there were 263,729 households, but this number grew to 638,490 in 2003. An average household in 1950 consisted of 4.18 people; however this figure dropped to 2.30 in 2003.

Number of Households According to Category (2000)
Single occupants constituted 38% of all households, childless married couples 17%, and married couples with children, 29%.

Age-separated Population
Recording 120,876 people, 20-24 year olds were the largest population group. Next was the 30-34 year old age bracket with 115,467. Within the 20-64 year old age range, the smallest group represented was that of 45-49 year olds, with 77,694.

Labor Force Status of Population over 15 years old (2000)
Approximately 70% of males and 45% of females are employed, with 34% of women engaged in housekeeping duties.

Area and Population, etc.
The area of Kyoto City is 610.22 square kilometer, the number of households is 638,490, and the population stands at 466,321.The population density is 2,403 people/square kilometer.

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