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City Government

Initial Budget for 2003 Fiscal Year
Within general accounts of 646,770 million yen, annual social welfare costs made up 29.6%, city construction expenses 18.8%, and education and cultural expenditure accounted for 10.5% of the total. On the other hand?Cindependent revenue including city tax remained at 50.4% of total annual revenue, with the remainder being made up of local Government tax, municipal bonds and so on.

City Organization
The positions of Mayor, Vice-mayor, Treasurer, and Fixed Assets Assessor exist as special positions in Government services. Within the city organization, the following structures exist: General Planning Bureau, General Affairs Bureau, Finance Bureau, Environment Bureau, Culture and Citizen Affairs Bureau, Industry and Tourism Bureau, Public Health and Welfare Bureau, City Planning Bureau, Construction Bureau, Ward Office, Fire Department, Transportation Bureau, Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau, Accounting Office, City Assembly (Secretariat,City Assembly), Board of Education (Secretariat,Board of Education), Election Administration Commission (Secretariat,Election Administration Commission), Personnel Commission (Secretariat,Personnel Commission), Audit Commission (Secretariat,Audit Commission), Agricultural Commission (Secretariat,Agricultural Commission), Fixed Property Assessment Commission (Secretariat,Fixed Property Assessment)

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