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About copyright and links

Approach of the Kyoto City Information Officeto the Management of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

At the home page of the "Kyoto City Information Office", we are aware of the importance regarding the privacy of any personal information you may disclose to us. With this in mind, we have ensured through the careful creation of this website, that everyone who uses it can feel relaxed and assured that all personal information collected will be kept private.

1. Collection of Personal Information at Kyoto City Information Office
For your own peace of mind, at the Kyoto City Information Office we do not keep personal information on file, and any data collected is not stored under your name.

2. Personal Information of Users

1) On The Kyoto City Information Office Browsing Service
Generally, users can make use of the browsing service without submitting any personal information. However, in the interests' of efficient administration and for the improvement of the services at the Kyoto City Information Office, it is occasionally necessary for you to supply us with personal information. In cases such as the receiving of public comment and recruitment of members to the committee, it is possible that the people who participate in the electronic meeting room will be asked to supply their name and E-mail address. In these cases, information concerning a persons name and E-mail address are used solely for verification of your identity, and will not be used outside of this purpose.

2) Regarding the Recording of Correspondence (Access Log)
In the interests of efficiency, the Kyoto City Information Office routinely examines the access log in the city server for data such as the user access frequency log, however personal information is not investigated. In the case of malignant pranks and other such offences, the law requires us to disclose any information collected if requested to by police, or other official departments.

3) Regarding Links (to third party sites)
The Kyoto Information Offices will bear no responsibility or obligation whatsoever regarding the handling of personal information at third party sites, even if those sites are accessed through links provided on our website. Any websites accessed outside of our own is subject to the standard regulations as laid down for individual privacy protection.

3. City Personal Information Protection System
For the particulars regarding the city's system for the possession of personal information, please refer to the page for the Administrative Reform Section.