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Exhibition and the Museum Collection

The Nijo Castle 400th Anniversary Gallery

The Nijo Castle 400th Anniversary Gallery was completed in March 2004 and opened on the 10th of October, 2005 to permanently preserve the original Ninomaru screen paintings. The paintings received Important Cultural Property designation in 1982 and the gallery was completed to celebrate the 400th year of Nijo Castle’s construction. The building is of innovative design,allowing visitors to view a part of the collection through glass in the same fashion as they were originally placed in the castle. Additionally, there are materials and metal ornaments related to the screens of the Ninomaru Palace in the entrance hall, and buried cultural properties excavated from within the castle grounds are also on display.

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2018-2019 Gallery Schedule

Paradise for Tigers and Leopards—Tigers in a Bamboo Forest in the San-no-ma in the Tozamurai
April 19 (Thur) through June 17 (Sun.)
Pine-Tree Paintings and Flower-and-Bird Paintings—Works of Two Different Periods in the Shikidai-no-ma
July 12 (Thur) through September 9 (Sun.)
Sparkling Autumnal Grass—Paintings of the Kiku-no-ma in the Kuroshoin
October 4 (Thur) through December 2 (Sun.)
Peacocks by Kano Tan’yu—Fusion of Realism and Creativity of the Young Artist
December 17 (Mon) through February 17 (Sun), 2019

※The Gallery is closed from the 29th to the 31st of December.

Opening hours

9am - 4:45pm (No entrance after 4:30pm)
※Entry into Nijo Castle closes at 4pm

Entrance fee

100 yen (Primary school and above) ※Payment of entry into the castle is required.


Within the grounds of Nijo Castle (North of the rest area)

  • A Brief History of the Castle
  • Chronological Table of Nijo Castle
  • Ninomaru Palace
  • Honmaru Palace
  • The Nijo Castle Gardens
  • Flowers and Trees of the Four Seasaons
  • Wall Paintings
  • Links

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