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Nijo Castle(Nijo-jo)Nijo Castle was built by the Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu, in 1603 to protect Kyoto Imperial Palace and as a residence for the shogun when he visited Kyoto. It was completed in 1626 by the third Tokugawa shogun, Iemitsu, who used the remains of castles such as Fushimi Castle to complete it.

With the castle built by Ieyasu and the sculptures and paintings comissioned by Iemitsu, one is able to get a glimpse into what is called the Momoyama Period(1624-1643) style.

It was a Castle that witnessed not only the rise and fall of the Tokugawa, but also overlooked changes in Japanese History.

Location 541, Nijojo-cho, Nijo-dori Horikawa Nishi iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8301
TEL 075-841-0096 FAX 075-802-6181
Opening hours Opening hours 8:45am - 4pm (the castle closes at 5pm)
*July and August Opening hours 8am-6pm (the castle closes at 7pm)
*September Opening hours 8am-4pm(the castle closes at 5pm)
Ninomaru-Goten Palace viewing hours  Ninomaru Goten Palace viewing hours 8:45am - 4:10pm
*July and August Ninomaru Palace viewing hours 8:45am-6:10pm (the castle closes at 7pm)

29 - 31 December
*When each Tuesday of January, July, August and December, from December 26 to January 3 ,Ninomaru Palace is closed.
*When Tuesday falls on a public holiday, Ninomaru Palace will be closed the following day instead.

Entrance fee

General admission - ¥600
Junior highschool, highschool - ¥350
Primary school ¥200

* When each Tuesday of January, July, August and December, 26 - 28 December, 1 - 3 January ,
 General admission - ¥400
 Group admissions(General admission) - ¥300
 Junior highschool, highschool - ¥200
 Primary school ¥200
* Group admissions are available to general admissions only and will incur a fee of ¥500 per person
* Group admissions apply to groups over 30 people
* Children younger than elementary school age are free of charge.

After 1 April 2019

●Entrance fee
General admission - ¥600
Group admissions (General admission) - ¥500
Junior highschool, highschool - ¥350
Primary school ¥200

●Ninomaru-goten Place fee
General admission - ¥400
Group admissions (General admission) - ¥300
Junior highschool, highschool ,Primary school - free

A message to guides

Upon entering, we ask you to provide proof of identity such as your teacher or tour conductor identification. We thank you for your cooperation making the entry into the castle as smooth as possible.

A request regarding the use of cameras.

It is forbidden to take pictures and videos inside the Ninomaru Palace. Also, please refrain from using unipods and tripods inside the castle.

About our facilities

[Coin lockers (fee)]

Located near by the front ticket issuing office(the entry ticket office) as well as in the large resting room.

[Luggage check area]

Located by next to the information desk of the Higashi-Ote-mon as well as in the large resting room.


Located in the large resting room

[Wheelchair hire (free)]

Please enquire at the Nijo Castle office. In addition, we have wheelchairs available for indoor use to those viewing the Ninomaru palace. Please speak to an attendant in the palace.

[Multipurpose toilet]

Located beside the Nishibashi bridge resting room.

[Toilets for the disabled]

Located at the southern end of Seiryu-en Garden and the east side of Midori-no-sono.

[Lunch boxes]

Please eat in the resting room.

[Voice guidance system (fee)]

Please enquire at the information desk of the Higashi-Ote-mon. You can listen to an explanation of Nijo Castle in English, Japanese, French,Spanish,Chinese or Korean.
To learn about the jurisdictional guidelines of the Nijo Castle Office.

  • A Brief History of the Castle
  • Chronological Table of Nijo Castle
  • Ninomaru Palace
  • Honmaru Palace
  • The Nijo Castle Gardens
  • Flowers and Trees of the Four Seasaons
  • Wall Paintings
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