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About Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

Kyoto has been the center of Japanese art and culture since it became the national capital in the Heian Period over 1200 years ago. Though the capital was moved to Tokyo in the Meiji Period at the end of the 19th century, Kyoto has continued to fill an important role in modern cultural development. As a memorial for the enthronement ceremonies of Emperor Hirohito, which took place in Kyoto in 1928, Kansai businesses and citizens contributed to the creation of the Kyoto Enthronement Memorial Museum of Art which opened in 1933 as the second large public art museum in Japan.

Following the Second World War, the museum was temporarily requisitioned by occupation forces. After reopening as the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art it has regularly held a great variety of exhibitions including large shows of foreign art. Since opening, gifts and purchases have contributed to the creation of a full collection that allows the museum to fill its role as a forum for modern and contemporary art. In 2000 a new Annex was opened, providing additional exhibition space. At present the museum has six projects for the promotion of art and culture.

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